High School Coverage Benefits

High School Coverage Benefits at Sports Medicine Centers

The CORE Institute, one of Arizona’s leading sports medicine centers, recognizes that high school athletes need access to the same resources used by the pros to produce their best performance. Our sports medicine center’s team works with coaches, students, teachers and parents to provide top-notch services for young athletes helping them to reach their full potential.

One of the ways in which we serve the high school athletic community is by offering medical coverage for high school football programs. This coverage provides athletes increased accessibility to top orthopedic surgeons and sports medicine physicians by trainers, coaches and athletic directors. Schools that choose to partner with The CORE Institute ensure the best possible treatment for their athletes at one of the top sports medicine centers.


Coverage by The CORE Institute for high school football includes:

  • A CORE physician to cover the team at each home game
  • One round of physicals to be conducted by the covering physician- up to 200 athletes
  • Direct access to CORE Sports Medicine physicians 
  • A streamlined process to provide comprehensive medical and surgical care to student athletes

To find out how to establish high school medical coverage for your school or for more information, please contact our Sports Medicine Program Coordinator by email at sportsmed@thecoreintitute.com or via telephone at 623.474.3487.

Arizona Sports Medicine Hotline: 623.474.3487
Michigan Sports Medicine Hotline: 248.349.7017

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