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Orthopedic Research

The CORE Institute believes that the practice of evidence based medicine is firmly rooted in conducting medical research. It is the process and outcome of high quality research that generates the evidence on which evidence based medicine relies. Many of fellowship trained physicians at The CORE Institute routinely participate in clinical research trials and laboratory based studies.

The CORE Institute chooses to partner with The Musculoskeletal Orthopedic Research and Education (MORE) Foundation in the conduct of its research. The MORE Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit company dedicated to innovative research, community education, and charitable assistance in the field of musculoskeletal and neurologic healthcare. Its vision is to create a world full of active people.

The laboratories at MORE Foundation are staffed by bioengineers and scientists with specialties in an array of biomechanical areas including; musculoskeletal anatomy, gait and motion analysis, the mechanical testing of orthopedic devices and implants, and sports performance. Clinical research coordinators are also available to facilitate clinical study implementation and data management. Bioengineering graduate students and medical students, orthopedic residents and fellows gain training in the various musculoskeletal and neurologic research areas and assist in many aspects of the labs. The CORE physicians round out the team, bringing their expertise in orthopedics and neurology. This provides a vibrant research community for neurologic, orthopedic, and biomechanical research.

For more information about the innovative research that physicians and staff of The CORE Institute are conducting or if you are interested in becoming a study participant, please visit The MORE Foundation’s research website.


The orthopedic research labs are one component of MORE’s non-profit organization. As such, we rely on external funding for all our research studies, educational events, and charitable programs. We will happily accept financial and targeted equipment donations that facilitate our mission.