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Searching for a place to get a quick sports physical exam for you or your child? Look no further!

Let us help prepare you and your entire family for the upcoming season, whether it’s the beginning of soccer season in the fall or spring. At The CORE Institute®, we’ll save you time and money by getting your child in quickly to see a provider and offering you an affordable focused sports physical at only $25*.

Our staff of expert orthopedic and sports medicine doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners can make sure you or your son or daughter is ready to play for their favorite sport and be cleared to enroll in sports camp.

Physical Examinations with The CORE Institute

Sports teams often require a physical examination to ensure the athlete is in good health and prepared for the next season or year. Although sports physical requirements may vary, one of our orthopedic sports medicine physicians will review the necessary forms or required paperwork. Sports physicals generally include checking weight, height, blood pressure, pulse, vision, lungs and joint flexibility.

Physical exams are not only important to make sure you’re ready for activity, but to identify any medical issues that you may be unaware of and make further recommendations.

We make physical exams for patients of all ages simple and easy.

Please schedule your high school physical using the scheduling tool below. If you have any questions, please contact our sports hotline at 623.474.3487

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*100% of the proceeds will be donated to your school.