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Benefits Of Chiropractic Care

Millions of Americans suffer from pain, whether in the upper or lower back or the extremities. Fortunately, through our Chiropractic Wellness program, you don’t have to suffer any longer. Your spinal column—or backbone—supports the flexibility, strength, and range of motion for your body, and keeping that strong and healthy helps to mitigate injuries and promote wellness throughout your body.

Chiropractic can be very effective for immediate pain relief as well as for a wide range of other issues. The following are some examples of conditions that can benefit from chiropractic care.

Lower-back Pain: This is the primary reason that many people schedule a visit to a chiropractor. Studies have shown the use of chiropractic care to help make a marked difference in reducing lower-back pain. In a recent study published in the British Medical Journal and another in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, chiropractic adjustments helped speed up recovery 56 percent as compared to seeking care from a primary physician alone. It also ended up being more cost effective.

Neck Pain: This is one of the most common reasons to seek chiropractic care. In a study funded by NIH’s National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine to test the effectiveness of different approaches for treating mechanical neck pain, 272 participants were divided into three groups that received either spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) from a doctor of chiropractic (DC), pain medication (over-the-counter pain relievers, narcotics, and muscle relaxants) or exercise recommendations. After 12 weeks, about 57 percent of those who met with DCs and 48 percent who exercised reported at least a 75 percent reduction in pain, compared to 33 percent of the people in the medication group. After one year, approximately 53 percent of the drug-free groups continued to report at least a 75 percent reduction in pain, compared to just 38 percent pain reduction among those who took medication.

Sciatica: Sciatica refers to symptoms that are caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve. Things like pain, tingling, and numbness occur in the back, buttocks, and legs of those with sciatica.

Headaches: Headaches are actually the second-most commonly treated condition chiropractors handle. More than 230 peer-reviewed articles show that chiropractic care can and often does help with headaches.

Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a major curvature of the spine and can create serious health issues for those suffering from it.

Better Athletic Performance. Most athletes today visit chiropractors. Chiropractic helps provide better joint mobility, increased range of motion, and improved pain reduction. Whether you’re just a "weekend warrior" or a pro athlete, chiropractic can help.

Better Posture. Spinal manipulation can be used to correct the affected areas of the spine from poor posture. Additionally, a chiropractor is able to recommend exercises to strengthen your core postural muscles. Also choosing proper postures during your sitting, standing, and activities will help reduce your risk of injury.

“Head in forward posture can add up to thirty pounds of abnormal leverage on the cervical spine. This can pull the entire spine out of alignment. Forward head posture (FHP) may result in the loss of 30% of vital lung capacity. These breath-related effects are primarily due to the loss of the cervical lordosis, which blocks the action of the hyoid muscles, especially the inferior hyoid responsible for helping lift the first rib during inhalation.” Rene Cailliet M.D., former director of the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Southern California

Chiropractic can be very corrective, and spinal manipulation can be specific in reversing the joint fixations and re-invigorating the muscles that normally retract the head.

Whiplash/Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries. In a study reported in Injury in 1996 by the Woodward group, it was shown that chiropractic care is an effective modality for patients injured in a motor vehicle accident. Symptoms ranging from headaches and neck pain to back pain, interscapular pain, and related extremity pain all responded well to quality chiropractic care.

Pregnancy. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can provide great relief for women. The following changes can result in a misaligned spine or joints:

  • Protruding abdomen and increased back curve
  • Pelvic changes
  • Postural adaptations

Chiropractic care can establish pelvic balance and alignment, as well as relieve back, neck, or joint pain during pregnancy.

Make an appointment today with our chiropractor, who will assess your spinal health and discuss how a more active, healthy lifestyle will improve your overall wellbeing.