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Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials for Our Orthopedic Surgeons

At The CORE Institute, we enjoy hearing about our patients' experiences with us. If you have an experience you would like to share with us, please email us at contactus@thecoreinstitute.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

Phoenix, AZ

David S.
Whittman, AZ

The physical therapy team at The CORE Institute has made the rehab of my shoulder a fun experience. They have taken a bad time for me and made it good. My daughter is a senior in high school and drives me to therapy; after seeing how caring and what the team at CORE has done for me she now wishes to pursue a career in physical therapy. The CORE Institute really does keep life in motion.
A very happy patient.

Pastor Harold F. 
Payson, AZ

500 pitches a day four days = ruined arm. 

In 1995 I was coaching summer camp and participating in batting practice with the kids when I did the damage. For the next 14 years I was unable to play football, baseball, and if I attempted to swim or surf I had limited time before I had to stop due to the pain. By July 2008 I was over 230 pounds; I was so out of shape I could not bend over to tie my shoes without huffing and puffing. 

When I met with Dr. Scalise in early 2009, as a result of a referral from Dr. Michaels of Payson, AZ, he requested an x-ray and MRI and recommended we first approach my injury non-operatively with physical therapy, and Ibuprofen. On May 12, 2009, Dr. Scalise repaired the extensive damage in my right arm by replacing the shredded bicep tendon, building up the rotator, and cleaning up the bone.

The result…at 52 years of age, on June 1, 2010 I was able to participate in the US Open Tennis Sectional Qualifier Tournament in Surprise, AZ. Although I did not advance past the first round, the fact that I could play pain free and with strength in my service game was a celebration. 

Thank you … Dr. Jason Scalise. 

Jane L.
Wickenburg, AZ

My journey began by calling The CORE Institute and having my expectations exceeded by their attention and service as I explored the possibility of a hip replacement.  Of course, I believe I was in denial in the beginning, strictly wanting information for a later time, when I might need a replacement. But as my hip deteriorated, I knew that I should get the replacement sooner than later. 

At each appointment, the CORE staff was professional, caring and knowledgeable. Although there was never a lack of patients in the waiting room, I was always treated with prompt and efficient service, and felt well cared for. There was never a time that I doubted what I was told or what was to come, and I actually looked forward to this surgery.  Dr. Myerthall was attentive, thorough, and experienced in the Direct Anterior Approach. I never had any doubt that my confidence in him was well-founded.

Right out of surgery, I had no need for pain medication. I felt like a new woman, pain-free! The first day after surgery I traveled the halls as much as I could with my walker. I could not believe how great I felt, after months of deteriorating into the inability to walk, bend, stoop, get in and out of a car, and all of the other movements we tend to take for granted. Three days later, I was discharged. 

Finally home, though, I learned that my new hip was a wonderful new part of me. A day later, I gave up my walker for a cane. Five days after surgery, I was walking around with a cane. Part of the time, I walked with the assistance of no cane, just to see if I could. 

My first week home, an in-home physical therapist came once to work with me. He stated that I was way ahead in my recovery, and said he didn't need to return. He gave me exercises to do twice daily. The home health care nurse agreed that I was ahead in my recovery, and was impressed with how well I was getting around.

As I write this, it has been four weeks since surgery, and I started outpatient therapy my third week.  The therapist stated that at three weeks, I was able to do exercises typically performed at two months! 

I would recommend the new Direct Anterior Approach to everyone. It is still even unbelievable to me how easy this whole experience has been for me, to my family and to my friends. I have been able to be alone and take care of myself, and the only detriment to me has been my having to "take it easy" in order to not overdo things. So I am thankful for exercises every day and a house to walk around in.

I have to say, thank you for The CORE Institute and especially to Dr. Myerthall. They definitely proved their mission to me of keeping my life in motion. I am well on my way and look forward to my future.

Thank you, Dr. Myerthall and all of you at The CORE Institute, for giving me my life back. I will never forget you. 

Sandy L.

I wanted to thank Dr. Scalise and Nick for all your great care you gave me in such a wonderful way. Thank you for your wonderful work and caring ways. Nick's wonderful smile and cheery face made it so easy for me to put my fears behind and get better.

This world is a much better place because of Dr. Scalise and Nick Zastrow.  

Chris S. 

I got lucky… 

My wife had worked in the medical field for 18 years before we were in a car accident and needed a surgeon.  She knew how to talk to the people in the industry to find the best.  That means very competent surgeons who are also very human.  In fact, all of The CORE Institute is composed of competent people who also truly like people and enjoy working for The CORE Institute.

Earl F.

When Earl was deciding whether to pursue a surgical solution to his crippling knee pain, it had been 80 years since he'd seen the inside of an operating room. And, truth be told, he wasn't particularly eager to get another glimpse. In fact, he readily admits, that he was flat-out against having surgery of any kind. But when the 92-year-old Sun City resident took a tour of Sun Health's orthopedic operating room with Dr. David Jacofsky, the state-of-the-art facility helped trigger a state-of-mind reversal. 

"What I saw was the most modern OR this side of the Mississippi. You know, I hadn't been operated on my entire life—well, since a tonsillectomy I had when I was 11 years old. I admit that I was scared. But, when I toured the OR, I felt like I was walking into the 25th century," Earl said. "Seeing how advanced the facility was set my mind at ease." 

And the surgery, a total replacement of the right knee performed in May of 2005, set his knee pain at ease once and for all. 

"My knee had been bothering me for years. I tried the Synvisc injections because I didn't want to have the surgery, but they didn't really help—they couldn't at that point." 
According to Dr. Jacofsky, nothing short of a total replacement could have helped Earl at that point. Years of hard work building railroads had worn the cartilage in his knee down to nothing, and every time he moved, bone rubbed against bone, causing debilitating pain. 

Oddly enough, it was a shredded Achilles tendon in his left foot that finally set him on the road to a total knee implant. The foot injury, sustained in December 2004, combined with the ongoing knee pain, made it pretty much impossible for Earl to do anything, so his wife began seeking solutions. A volunteer at the local hospital, Janice F. had heard through the medical grapevine about the recent arrival to Sun Health of Dr. Jacofsky, and the high-tech facility in which he performed his surgeries. Earl had a consult with the doctor, toured the OR and made his decision. 

"I really liked all the orthopedic doctors at Sun Health. They just all seemed so intelligent and modern. And today, I've got to say that I'm completely satisfied. I can't praise Dr. Jacofsky enough—my knee is perfect!" 

So perfect, in fact, that Earl is not only back on the golf course, but back on the dance floor as well. 

"In April, Florence and I went dancing for the first time in years," said the jubilant Earl. "There's no way I would have been able to do that before the surgery."

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