Excellence Headquarters

Recognized as the number one orthopedic group in 2013 by Ranking Arizona, The Center for Orthopedic Research and Education, called The CORE Institute, is proudly managed professionally by Excellence Headquarters, Inc.™

What is Excellence Headquarters™?

In the healthcare delivery system of the future, it is anticipated that virtually all physicians will either be employed by hospitals or managed within a large physician group. Unlike other management companies, Excellence Headquarters™ is owned by the physicians it manages. This unique model not only allows the physicians to focus their talents on quality outcomes and clinical care, but allows them a vested financial interest in the global success of the health care enterprise. Additionally, the Excellence Headquarters™ management platform allows for increased scalability and provides integrated IT solutions for management of quality, marketing, evidence-based practice, and at risk contract strategies. Vertically integrating to maximize efficiency and profit, Excellence Headquarters™ manages and owns entities including, but not limited to, a captive insurance company, multiple real estate entities, an international consulting business, and a plethora of intellectual property concepts and start-up technologies in which all of the physician owners participate. It is time for those that provide healthcare to once again regain control of it!

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