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Ali Araghi, DO - Orthopedic Spine Surgeon

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 4:15 pm

By Denelle Dunn, TODAY STAFF

Garrett Long has had more than 50 procedures and surgeries in his life and one of them made history.

Long, a 41-year-old Surprise resident, is the first Arizona patient to receive a two-level disc replacement.

LDR’s Mobi-C-cervical disc replaced two of the discs in Long’s neck.

“I used to not be able to move my neck without pain before the surgery. I can move my neck now,” said Long.

Long has had a long road with the number of problems with his health. He was denied disability and is in the current appeal process. Long has neuropathy in both of his legs making it hard to walk.

Long has been advised by doctors to lose weight which has been complicated by neuropathy, which makes walking difficult.

He has been advised not to lift more than 50 pounds.

“I can’t get the exercise I need. I used to walk my dog every day. Now my family has to walk my dog. You got to stay positive as possible,” Long said.

Long also has trouble driving, and his mother Kathy says she drives him to all his appointments.

“He had a lot of surgeons on this (two-level disc replacement) surgery and is in a lot less pain. He can function a lot better. It was his decision to make on whether we were going to go through with the two-level disc replacement,” said Kathy.

The Banner CORE Center for Orthopedics gave Long the option of a spinal fusion of the two herniated discs or the procedure that he ultimately chose.

“The surgery removes damaged or diseased spinal disc pads, which act as cushions between the bones of the spinal column, and are replaced with new, artificial discs,” according to the CORE Center.

“It’s invigorating to be on the cutting edge in spinal surgeries,” said Dr. Ali Araghi of the Core Institute.

“There was excitement (in regards to Long being the first patient in Arizona). The size of his neck was challenging. I was in the FDA study for this two disc-replacement and had done many of the operations before.”

According to Araghi, there are many factors that go into qualifying for the two-disc replacement surgery, including age.

The two-disc study was approved by the FDA in January, and Long had his surgery in June.

For more information on The Banner CORE Center you can go to www.bannercorecenter.com.

Long now is continuing therapy to fully recover from the surgery.

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The CORE Institute Launches Neurological Program

Phoenix, Ariz. (October 1, 2014) On October 1, Arizona’s largest and #1 ranked Phoenix-based orthopedic group, The CORE Institute, has expanded its specialty services to include neurological sciences with the addition of subspecialties including, clinical neurophysiology, epilepsy, headache and facial pain, neuromuscular medicine, spine and peripheral nerve disease, clinical neuroimmulonogy, multiple sclerosis and general neurology and rheumatology care.  The new Department of Neurology will be led by distinguished physician Dr. Atul Syal. 

“With the addition of the new physicians, physician assistants and physical therapists, The CORE Institute’s new Department of Neurology offers highly advanced and specialized neurological care to our patients in the Arizona market,” said David J. Jacofsky, MD, Chairman and CEO of The CORE Institute. “Each of these physicians brings expertise in clinical care, along with an integrated approach to treating and managing comprehensive orthopedic care, podiatric medicine, pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation, comprehensive spine care, rheumatology, neurology, neuropsychology, physical therapy, and infusion therapy.”

“The expanded neurology program at The CORE Institute presents an exciting opportunity for our team to provide best-in-class patient care to the community,” said Atul Syal, MD, Director of the Department of Neurology at The CORE Institute. “The CORE Institute is the leader in the delivery of musculoskeletal care and we are excited to expand the service offerings and provide an fully integrated approach to the patient care continuum.”

The CORE Institute – Department of Neurology features five clinic locations, one spine center and one physical therapy location across Maricopa County.  Providers in the Department of Neurology include:

  • Atul Syal, MD – Director, Department of Neurology at The CORE Institute
  • Jatin Shah, MD
  • Andrew Gorman, DO
  • Jason Reinhart, DO
  • Andre Hagevik, MD, PhD
  • Nirmala Aryal, MD
  • Stacy Donlon, MD
  • Eric Eross, DO
  • Evan Freedman, MD
  • Todd Herman, MD
  • Harvinder Kumar, MD
  • Lawrence Kutz, DO
  • Alan Mallace, MD
  • Ahmad Nizam, MD
  • Vardges Vandian, DO
  • Carlos Pence, PA-C
  • Heather Peden, PT, Cert. MDT

To schedule an appointment, please call 1.866.974.2673.

Phoenix, Ariz. (September 3, 2014) The #1 ranked Phoenix-based orthopedic group, The CORE Institute, announced the addition of Dr. George Gendy, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle reconstruction, to its clinical team. He will be practicing at The CORE Institute’s Peoria facility.

“We are excited Dr. Gendy has become part of our provider footprint as we continue to expand here in Arizona,” said Dr. Steven L. Myerthall, Market President at The CORE Institute. “His passion for helping patients with complex foot and ankle conditions and disorders will further grow The CORE Institute’s dynamic clinical team of best-in-class physicians and surgeons.” 

“I’ve had the honor of learning from some of the top foot and ankle surgeons in the world,” said Dr. George Gendy.  “In joining The CORE Institute I’m thrilled to become part of a nationally recognized team of physicians and surgeons that is earning national recognition for its innovative approach to patient care and dedication to achieving the best outcomes for their patients.”  

George Gendy, MD, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle reconstruction, received his fellowship training in orthopedic foot and ankle surgery with world-renowned Dr. Roger Mann at Oakland Bone and Joint Specialists in California. Subsequently, he concluded his training with an international orthopedic traveling fellowship in Switzerland and Germany. Dr. Gendy completed his orthopedic surgical residency program at Loma Linda University Medical Center where he was actively involved in Patient Safety Committee. He earned his medical degree from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, where he was awarded a four year medical school academic merit scholarship. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where he graduated cum laude

Dr. Gendy is a member of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) and the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS).

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gendy, or any of The CORE Institute providers, please call 1.866.974.2673.



NOVI, MI (August 18, 2014) - The CORE Institute and Providence Hospitals in Southfield and Novi have signed an agreement for a co-management partnership that will bring a higher level of orthopedic care to metro Detroit.  This new collaboration will set a new standard for orthopedic care based on clinical metrics, standardized protocols, and pioneering research and expertise. 

The CORE Institute’s Michigan providers have been caring for the community since 1959 and have achieved their mission of bringing a new standard of excellence to surgical care in Michigan. That means, higher patient satisfaction, greater standardization using evidence-based best practices, better clinical quality, and more efficient performance will now contribute to the success of The CORE Institute.

“We’re building upon our reputation for superior clinical care by creating a more comprehensive program capable of managing even the most complex orthopedic cases,” said David Markel, MD, Providence Orthopedic Surgeon and Michigan Market President of The CORE Institute. “At  Providence and Providence Park Hospitals, our new model will ensure patients in the community are receiving the highest quality of coordinated care from admission through surgery, to discharge and outpatient rehabilitation.”  

“Our relationship with The CORE Institute is a partnership that will reinforce our hospitals as leaders in orthopedics,” said Michael Wiemann, MD, President, Providence Hospital. “Together we’ll provide cutting-edge care via an integrative model based on a high level of collaboration. As such, we will continue to attract leading orthopedic specialists and patients who want the highest quality care and outcomes.”  

DeLyle Manwaring, Senior Vice President of Hospital Service Line Integration for The CORE Institute, highlights improved quality of care, better outcomes and enhanced patient experience as key benefits of the co-management model. According to Manwaring, bringing orthopedic physicians and hospital leaders together in an integrated management program with a shared objective of improving patient care and outcomes is rare across the United States; however, vital in order to improve quality while lowering costs.

About St. John Providence Health System

Providence and Providence Park Hospitals are members of St. John Providence Health System, one of the largest providers of inpatient care in southeast Michigan and one of the largest employers in metro Detroit. St. John Providence Health System provides comprehensive prevention, primary care and advanced treatment programs at more than 125 medical centers and five hospitals spanning five counties.

About The CORE Institute

The CORE Institute® delivers integrated, comprehensive orthopedic care, one patient at a time. The CORE Institute is built upon a foundation of pioneering research, academics, community service, and a passion for excellence in patient care. Its fellowship-trained physicians provide specialized care in the areas of surgical, non-surgical and rehabilitative hip, knee, shoulder, elbow and ankle procedures, joint replacement, sports medicine, arthroscopy, fracture management, orthopedic traumatology, hand and wrist procedures, complex articular cartilage restoration, musculoskeletal oncology, foot and ankle reconstruction, physical medicine and rehabilitation, comprehensive spine care and pain management. The CORE Institute has locations in Arizona and Michigan, with clinics planned to open in other states, as well as overseas, in the near future. The organization continues to be a leader in payor-reform initiatives and is at the forefront of systems-based quality programs which drive value and quality across health care organizations. 

Connect with The CORE Institute at www.thecoreinstitute.com or on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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