The CORE Institute Offers New Procedure to Save Aching Backs Without Losing a Disc

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The CORE Institute Offers New Procedure to Save Aching Backs Without Losing a Disc

The CORE Institute®, Center for Orthopedic Research and Education, has introduced a new, minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of pinched neck nerves called TransCorporal MicroDisectomy or TCMD. Dr. Ali Araghi, an orthopedic spine surgeon with The CORE Institute, is the only surgeon in Arizona currently performing this procedure.

TransCorporal MicroDisectomy (TCMD) is revolutionary in the treatment of pinched nerves. Prior to this procedure, when a nerve root in the neck was pinched, surgeons had to remove an entire disc when relieving the pressure on the nerve. The disc removal left a gap between the two vertebrae (spinal bones), which required a repair using either spinal fusion or an artificial disc. TCMD only removes a part of the patients' disc and leaves the rest of the patients' disc intact. This means patients heal faster following spinal surgery when the repair is made using their own bone.

"After relieving the pressure on the nerve, we take the bone tissue that was removed, along with a synthetic bone implant, which is designed to stay in position and fill in the hole,” Dr. Araghi explains. “The Bone fills in the hole, leaving just your vertebra and disc behind, no artificial discs.” He continues, “Patients can often return to work and normal activity weeks sooner than with fusion or traditional disc replacement although individual results will vary.”

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