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BSHRI-CORE Orthopedic Research Labs

Research Faculty

The CORE Institute Research Labs' mission is to conduct orthopedic research studies and disseminate the results through peer-reviewed publications to continually improve the standard of care for orthopedic patients. The lab's faculty are from top programs throughout the country and are supported by the surgeons of The CORE Institute.


Marc Jacofsky, PhD
Dr. Marc Jacofsky is The CORE Institute's Executive Vice President of Research and Development and the Director of the BSHRI-CORE Orthopedic Research Labs. Marc has a diverse background in physical and biological sciences.  Marc oversees the research studies performed through the BSHRI-CORE Orthopedic Research labs and works with CORE physicians to develop new medical technologies.  


Bethany Larsen
Bethany Larsen is the Research Coordinator for the Banner SHRI-CORE Orthopedic Research Laboratories.  

Jody Rykhus - The CORE Institute Research

Jody Rykhus
Jody Rykhus, Sr. Director of Operations for Technology Research and Development, provides the foundational support for The CORE Institute.

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