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The BSHRI-CORE Orthopedic Research Labs were founded in 2005 to aid orthopedic surgeons in answering complex treatment questions and improving outcomes after orthopedic procedures. Before the creation of these testing facilities, orthopedic surgeons had to rely on qualitative and anecdotal measures when determining the appropriate treatment option for patients. With the accurate quantitative results provided by our clinical, motion analysis, and biomechanical testing programs, we are able to better help optimize the standard of care for their patients. Our mission is to provide orthopedic surgeons, clinicians and the orthopedic research community with clinically relevant information to improve patient outcomes. Our multi-pronged approach to orthopedic research gives us the opportunity to study devices and drugs from the bench top to the bedside. For detailed information about each division of our laboratory, please click on the links below.

Biomechanics Laboratory 

Clinical Research Program 

Motion Analysis Laboratory 
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