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The BSHRI-CORE Orthopedic Research Labs are a joint partnership between the Banner-Sun Health Research Institute and The CORE Institute. The laboratory's mission is to conduct orthopedic research studies and disseminate the results through peer-reviewed publications to continually improve the standard of care for orthopedic patients.

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When the fellowship-trained, Academic physicians of The CORE Institute decided to relocate to the Sun City area of Arizona, they wanted to build a state-of-the-art orthopedic research facility to continue their cutting-edge research in orthopedics. The partnership with the Banner-Sun Health Research Institute has fostered the development of three research arms; a Motion Analysis Lab, a Biomechanical Testing Lab, and a Clinical Research Program. The alliance and synergy of the two Institutes creates a Center for Orthopedic Excellence, not only for greater Phoenix, but also for the entire United States. The laboratories housed at The CORE Institute are staffed by bioengineers and scientists with specialties in an array of biomechanical areas including; musculoskeletal anatomy, gait and motion analysis, the mechanical testing of orthopedic devices and implants, and sports performance. Clinical orthopedic research coordinators are also available to facilitate clinical study implementation and data management. Bioengineering graduate students and medical students, orthopedic residents and fellows gain training in the various orthopedic research areas and assist in many aspects of the labs. The CORE physicians round out the team, bringing their expertise in orthopedics, including surgical procedures and device design. This provides a vibrant research community for orthopedic and biomechanical research and clinical studies.

The orthopedic research labs are a non-profit organization, falling under the umbrella of Banner-Sun Health Research Institute. As such, we rely on external funding for all our orthopedic research studies. We will happily accept donations for additional equipment; please view our wish list for our current needs.

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