Sun Health Grandview Care Center Enhances Rehabilitation Services

Friday, August 5, 2011
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Sun Health Grandview Care Center has added a new feature to its rehabilitation services that is designed to aid residents in their recovery.

Secure Tracks was used exclusively at hospitals until Grandview Care Center recently became the first health care center in Arizona to offer the rehabilitation system to its residents. Secure Tracks is patented by Les and Pamela Dace of Surprise, according to Grandview officials. The couple had relatives experience falls during rehabilitation and was inspired to create a solution for fall prevention.

“Offering advanced equipment like Secure Tracks is just one of the many ways we continue to strive for excellence,” said Grandview Care Center Administrator Dawn Miller. “We are always looking at ways to improve our patient care as well as ways to help our staff provide that care.”

The Secure Tracks patient support system is designed to prevent falls and decrease post-surgical pain while improving the patients’ natural gait and ultimately helping them to get back their independence sooner, officials said. The mechanical therapy system consists of a ceiling-mounted monorail track, trolley and support frame that allows patients to stand completely upright.

“I couldn’t believe how secure I felt,” said Millie McLimore, a Grandview Care Center rehabilitation resident recovering from a fractured hip and WWII nurse cadet. “I was able to cooperate much easier with this device and the therapist than just with a therapist alone.”

A six-month clinical study investigating the differences between Secure Tracks and a traditional walker as it relates to patient rehabilitation and recovery was conducted by Banner Sun Health Research Institute, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center and The CORE Institute. The study revealed:

• Patients walked up to 152 percent further than with a walker.

• The distance walked was increased by 45 percent.

• The “Time to Up-and-Go” at two weeks was improved.

• Pain levels were reduced, even at two weeks post-op.

• Fall prevention that allows for natural body posture and full weight bearing.

Sun Health Grandview Care Center is a part of the Grandview Terrace Sun Health Senior Living community on the Banner Del E. Webb Medial Center campus in Sun City West.

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