Device helps patients safely get back on their feet again.

A Surprise company is bringing a medical device to market that's designed to help speed patients' recovery from joint replacement surgeries.

Safe Independence LLC is manufacturing and marketing the Secure Track, a patented device that helps hold people upright and keep them from falling as they walk to rehabilitate their legs after surgery.

Les Dace, the company's owner, said the idea was conceived in 2004 and the device was patented in 2007. Dace, a former CEO of three software companies, had turned to health care consulting when he and his wife, Pamela, designed the Secure Track.

"It dawned on me that there was a way we could address some of these issues," he said.

Over the past year, it has been tested at Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center in Sun City West through a partnership with The CORE Institute and its office in that West Valley retirement community.

The device supports patients as they walk with a heavy-duty metal harness hanging from the ceiling. Dace said the study showed it helps patients walk farther and speeds the rehab process.

"Knowing that the patients literally cannot fall, they are walking three times further," he said.

The longer walks along the hospital floor are decreasing patients' recovery time, said Erica Brinker, vice president of strategy and marketing at the institute.

"What we saw in Les' product is an opportunity to improve patient outcomes," she said.

Dace originally pitched the idea to CORE's chairman, Dr. David Jacofsky, who was impressed enough with the results that he's making it part of the institute's recovery plan for lower-leg orthopedic surgeries, Brinker said.

"That really means that we believe in the product and its ability to make a difference to patients," she said.

The Secure Track is manufactured in Chandler by Astrafab. Safe Independence already has secured deals to install a second device at Del Webb and others at John C. Lincoln Deer Valley Medical Center in Phoenix and at Coronado Surgical Recovery Suites in Las Vegas.

The cost of the device varies widely, as Dace said each one is essentially custom-tailored to the institution. Safe Independence is leasing the product on two- to five-year plans, after which time the facility would own the device.

In addition to hospitals, Safe Independence plans to target rehabilitation centers and nursing facilities. Dace said the company also is working on a version to help stroke victims.

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